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A blog that focuses on achieving health from the inside out, giving people the motivation to sustain the highest quality of life that they could possibly live.

About Fluffy Ain’t for me

Hello, my name is Mell B and I am blogger who passionately promotes clean eating and active lifestyles. After losing more than 40 pounds without the assistance of any purchased products, gym memberships, surgeries, or fad diets; just determination and a pair of $10 dumbbells, I felt compelled to share my story with women who struggled with their weight much like myself. This began the birth of my blog. Baring my soul and story to the world has not only helped me stay consistent during my never-ending weight loss journey, but it has also inspired multiple women to “fight the fluff,” and swerve the many mental roadblocks that are in the way of achieving weight loss success.
Fluffy Ain’t For Me features stories of my personal experiences that have occurred during my journey, interviews with women and men that have achieved amazing weight loss results, mouth-watering recipes straight from a chef’s kitchen, expert advice from a certified psychologist, and much more!
Losing weight is about much more than looking good in a bikini (even though that’s a great thing, haha). The first step to losing weight is mental clarity. In order to change your life you have to change your mind. Try to figure out your WHY. “Why do I want to lose weight?” “Why can’t I stick to it?” “Why do I use food to comfort me when I’m down?” The next step is to reeducate yourself on how to achieve your desired results. You must also stay consistent, never give up on the body you deserve. Fluffy Ain’t For Me will offer you many of the tools that you will need to help your dream become a reality.
I’m just like you, you’re just like me. We are all capable of getting what we want. Just be receptive to stepping out of your comfort zone to get it.
My weight loss journey is documented on Instagram, username: Mellbfit. You can also stay connected by subscribing to my blog, which is updated daily.