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Unless you have the luck of the latest Powerball winner, most people aren’t born with rock solid abs and ripped arms. They are earned. Hard work, commitment, and focus are the ingredients needed to achieve results such as what you see above. Earl, who has not only transformed his physique through dedication, but others as well. He is a physical trainer who uses his own personal experiences with obesity to help others. I had a chance to speak with Earl, let’s see what he had to say:
Hello! Your transformation is craaaaazy! What motivated you to change?

Honestly I’ve struggled with weight issues my entire life, I was just tired tired of feeling depressed and anxious…I was at rock bottom mentally.
What was the hardest adjustment in the beginning, committing to exercise of committing to eating healthy?

I’ve always enjoyed working out. Getting my eating under control was the true test. 


Do you think the comfort zone of being a “big guy” contributed to your former weight?

No ma’am I wasn’t comfortable at all.  

Has there been a difference in how the ladies treat you since losing weight?
Yes! (Laughs)
You train many to reach their fullest potential physically. What are some key factors that should be considered when choosing a trainer?

Well, the biggest thing I’d suggest to anyone looking for a trainer is find someone that knows your struggle. Someone that didn’t just pick up a book, but someone who has lived this pain. 
We live in a politically correct world. Do you feel that the dangers of obesity are downplayed for the sake of protecting people’s feelings these days?

Absolutely we live in a soft society. Too concerned with hurting feelings instead of saving lives.

What have you found to be most effective when it comes to reducing belly fat?

Consuming fruits and veggies and eating on a schedule. A gallon of water a day keeps the belly away too.
Cheat meal, what’s on the menu?
My favorite is a good ole fashioned cheeseburger and fries. 
Any words of advice for someone struggling to lose weight?

Don’t focus so much on losing weight instead get to the root of the issue. I feel there is always a deeper issue than “weight.” Confront your demons and the weight will come off. 


To see more with Earl, follow his fitness page on Instagram: Trinity_fitness16. You can also contact him for further information on personal training!

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