“THE GIFT AND THE CURSE.” Fashion tips for ladies winning the war on weight.

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One of the best feelings in the world is slipping into your favorite pencil skirt, one that has been a stylish closet staple for years.. and feeling it droop towards your knees. The same skirt which used to fit snugly across your ass is now ridiculously big! I’ve experienced this on many occasions, and it is quite the emotional roller coaster. You are initially elated, and rightfully so! You have worked your ass off (literally) to shed the pounds, and now your hard work is finally catching up.
That elation however, is brief. Panic begins to sink in after trying on several more of your go-to pieces and realizing that none of them are no longer complimenting your body! Like Rihanna sings: “All I see is signs, all I see is dollar signs!” Literally every article of clothing you own now has to be replaced or altered, which is not wallet-friendly. What’s a baller on a budget to do?
Don’t panic. Simmer down suga! Before you kick out thousands to replace your entire wardrobe, try some of these tips without breaking the bank:



Before tossing a piece in the donation bin or trash, wear your piece in a different way. The piece above was a great fashion find that j found at my heaviest weight, a sheer black Dolce and Gabbana button up top. I found it in a consignment shop for $38, and I was devastated when it swam on me after losing a ton of weight. I couldn’t bear to part with it! So I didn’t:
I chose to rock it as a swimsuit cover-up while on vacation, and I received several compliments. Crisis and heartbreak averted! Haha. Use your imagination and creativity with oversized pieces without looking like Homie Da Clown!


I’ve been a “frugalista” for as long as I have been able to purchase my own clothing, maximizing my money on marked down pieces (with the exception of an occasional splurge). This has saved me a lot of cash in the long run without skimping in the style department, but there’s levels to this, haha. Since my weight fluctuates frequently, it’s hard for me to spend a lot of money on clothing that may or may not fit the next month. I’ve learned how to shop smarter without sacrificing quality.

Season-end clearance sales are a great way to stock up on staples; I just spent $80 at a high end department store and got over 10 versatile pieces, many of which can be worn for years to come. One classic 100% silk white blouse I purchased was originally $198, but after being marked down 90%, the final cost was $19.80! 
You do not need to buy cheaply made clothing in order to save money, just seek out the clearance section of your favorite retailers so that you can have quality fabrics and well-constructed pieces. 

I will be offering two more tips next week. I hope this helps somebody. Happy shopping

Mell B

Instagram: Mellbfit

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