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Leslie has been sharing her weight loss journey with us weekly, following the birth of her daughter. Let’s see how she did last week:

I’m just gonna say this about this week… I had some good days, and I had some bad days! I went to the boardwalk and got loose! I ate horribly and it’s not something I am proud of, but hey, nobody’s perfect! I still only gained 1 lb this week but now that means I need to lose 6 lbs by the 31st to reach my goal. I did go to the gym but not as often I should have. I don’t know what happened!

I was so motivated last week and now this past week I was just over it! I tried, but not hard enough. I got on the scale last night and although I only gained 1 lb, I’m still not where I want to be. That was the motivation and wake up call I needed. My breakfast this morning was clean and healthy (1 egg with fat free mozzarella, spinach, and diced tomatoes, an orange and water) I went to to gym last night and I’ll be in the gym tonight! I need to stay focused, but its just so difficult when I’m around such delicious food! I can’t go to the boardwalk and not get a funnel cake and a lemonade! 

I can’t say I’m never going to eat bad again. I gained weight over time and I’m allowing myself to lose it over time. I’m not an actress or a Kardashian, I don’t have a deadline for losing this weight. So, as long as I’m trying to lose weight, I’ll never let myself go to far or get too big. This is a life long change so If I lose weight too fast, I may get too cute and start eating again, but if I pace myself and take my time, I’ll always be going in the right direction. I’m trying anything to stay motivated! So, 6 more lbs to go by the 31st. I’m gonna do it, I got this!

Mell B

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