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Leslie has been documenting her weight loss journey following the birth of her daughter. Let’s see how she did last week:

Good news… I got on the scale (after a long pep talk to myself) and I was pleasantly surprised! I’m 15 lbs down total and 5 lbs away from my goal weight, when my goal end date is in 2 weeks!!!! I hope I can lose this 5 lbs before the 31st! I say hope because I’m getting tired!!!!!!!! This battle with delicious food and my love of sleep vs my weight loss goals, is really getting the best of me!!! I’m so over the guilt I feel after eating something bad, or after taking a MUCH needed nap in lieu of working out. I just want to eat what I want, lose weight, and keep it off! 

When I get like this I have to pull myself back and think about my dream body and my overall goals for getting healthy and losing weight. I also have to think about my go-to celeb body for motivation, who is of course, the one and only queen… Bey that is! I think about her and think to myself if I think I’m going to look anything close to that, I need to sacrifice and put in my work! I don’t have millions of dollars for a chef who is a nutritionist, a personal trainer who I pay extra to slap food out of my mouth at 2am, and an around the clock nanny for my child, so MY weight loss is going to sting a little! Does it suck? Yes. Do I want to binge eat and say to hell with this? Yes. Then I ask, do you want to be fat? No. Do you want to age like Lisa from Coming to America? Yes. So in order to do that, I need to exercise, drink water, and eat clean and healthy! 

I don’t want to make my old heads look bad by having my skin all saggy and dark from eating bad and not drinking water. I don’t want to be hating on the 25 year old that just got hired at my job because I don’t “have it” anymore because I’m big and fat when I’m 50! So sometimes you need a push, something, anything, to get you motivated. I just shared all of mine with you guys! Don’t judge my weirdness! So this week I’m going hard.. Like really. It’s getting down to the finish line and I want to win so let me get my a$$ in this gym!
Mell B

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