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There are those that complain about their weight, and those that turn those complaints into a plan of action to change. Cookie falls into the latter category. She has amazingly transformed from fluffy to fit without any gimmicks. This Cookie will definitely not crumble under excuses! I had the pleasure of speaking with her, let’s see how she lost the weight:

Hello! You look amazing, what prompted your weight loss journey?

Thank you and so do you! Oh, so many things prompted it – I was tired of being fat, I was diagnosed pre-diabetic, I’d developed Acanthosis Nigricans, the list really goes on. I’d say overall my wanting to be healthy and happy (because I was battling with depression) prompted the weight loss.
Has this journey been more of a mental or physical challenge thus far?

The journey is mental. Your body won’t do what your mind doesn’t tell it to do and there really isn’t much that your body can’t handle. I now live by the my motto, “change your mind, change your life(style)”. I think it has a few different interpretations, but overall, it just means that when you change the way you think about things, your actions will follow which will in-turn lead to a new “life(style)”.

I have watched your YouTube videos, and one thing that we have in common is our stance against embracing obesity. I have caught major heat from women that find my views offensive, have you experienced this as well? If so, why do you think this point of view is perceived so negatively by some?

Thank you so much for being a supporter of my channel, that really means a lot. I’m especially glad to hear that you are with the #StopEmbracingObesity movement. Yes I have gotten heat over this stance, but I’ve also gotten a lot of support from people like yourself. I, too question why this is received so negatively so to answer your question, I simply do not know exactly but I have some ideas:
I think people sometimes take my stance as not loving oneself or body until reaching some “ideal” body type and that is not true. I support women being happy with their flawed bodies and not comparing themselves or striving for what is photoshopped online and in print media. With that being said, I do not support a 5’3″ 300lb woman being considered “curvy” or somehow healthy when it is scientifically proven otherwise. 

Another theory is that people’s feelings are simply hurt by the words because they are currently in that situation. Maybe they secretly want to lose the weight, but instead of doing something about it, they channel their frustration into lashing out at those who speak out publicly against the “support groups” they are apart of. I address this in my video “BBWs Want to Lose Weight”. For some reason, it is looked down upon or not ‘ok’ to lose weight once you’re apart of those groups. It’s a shame that the same groups claiming to stand for the loving ones body also seems to think it’s ok to fill ones body with processed junk to the point of obesity.
What was more difficult to adapt to: eating healthy or exercising?

Eating healthy, hands down! And to be honest, I still have not mastered this. I still struggle with food addiction, it’s not just something that goes away. This goes back to the mental struggles of weight loss. I think there’s a quote that says “exercising for 1 hour a day is easy, it’s watching what you put in your body the other 23 hours of day that is hard”. 

What has been the most rewarding part of this journey?

The rewarding part is what I’m doing now, training those who are where I once was. I love seeing my clients’ faces light up when they hit a new goal or when they complete a exercise they never thought they could do. Just a while ago, I announced #CookieforFitKids, it’s a program I am starting to help end childhood obesity. My first client is a high school girl in my area whom I am training for 6 weeks. She has been bullied since middle school about her weight. Last week was her first weigh-in and she decreased her body fat percentage. To see how proud and relieved she was, was incredibly rewarding.


Do you still have moments of doubt or setbacks? How do you remedy those moments?

Absolutely! To be honest, I sometimes pity myself…I’m human. I may go through a moment where I feel depressed or like I can’t continue to do this. Sometimes I feel like there’s so much pressure on me to keep this image and to be this motivator for everyone else. But when I start to feel this way, I lean into God and my faith and I pray. I remember where I started and how far I’ve come. I tell my self that there are people out there relying on me to be strong. Then I suck it up, get myself together and live the next day new.

Cheat meal, what’s on the menu?

I should’ve answered this on a Saturday (my actual cheat day, lol). I get in moods with my food. Lately my cheat day kick has been pizza. I’ve probably ordered pizza and wings every Saturday for the past few weeks. I’m originally from New Orleans though so what I usually do is cook myself up some red beans & rice and fried catfish!

Can you offer any words of advice to the woman that feels weight loss is impossible?

If you’re out there and you’re reading this and you feel like it’s impossible, I want you to dig deep and find faith in yourself. Change your mind and start EXPECTING to lose weight, start EXPECTING to do well, start EXPECTING to not be overtaken by temptation. If you set yourself up expecting to fail, then you will.
You can follow Cookie’s fitness journey on Instagram:  Cookiemiller . You can also view her videos on YouTube: Watch Cookie Shrink.

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