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Ever since I made the decision to make my weight loss journey public, I am often asked questions about “my secret.” And although I have no problem running down my exercise routine or giving advice, I always feel as if I’m biting my tongue by not speaking on one of the biggest obstacles that will challenge you before losing weight: YOUR PERCEPTION OF WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT VS YOUR REALITY OF WHAT YOU’RE DOING WRONG.

An example: I was recently speaking to a woman, who happens to be a longtime patient of one of the doctors I work for. After returning to our clinic after not being seen for about a year, she was stunned to see how much weight I had lost and had many questions about my “diet”. “I’ve been trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me!” she joked. She began to rattle off a list of all of things she was doing to decrease her weight, and while she was talking, I kept thinking to myself, “damn she should have been a bodybuilder by now, her fitness regimen is crazier than Mayweather’s!” Lol. I was listening to and watching an overweight woman tell half truths about her effort and commitment to becoming fit, and it gave me an instant flashback of how I once was.


Before my current lifestyle, I always made feeble attempts at losing weight. Yeah I would buy a bunch of fruit and veggies, but they would rot from neglect. Sure I purchased plenty of fitness DVD’s, but after using them once or twice, they just collected dust. I even signed up for Weight Watchers, but after leaving meetings I would head straight to the nearest Chick Fila. My intentions were always good, but my actions? Shiiiiitttt. My actions sucked. And I actually had the nerve to get angry about my lack of progress.

In retrospect, I wasn’t being honest with myself. Instead of seeing what I wasn’t doing correctly, I would lie to myself and people about my commitment. “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! I work out, I eat right, I drink water, why am I not losing weight?” What I can now say to my former self: Uhhhh Mellenie, you worked out like once a month, if that. You may have eaten a salad for lunch, but what about that cheesesteak you destroyed for dinner? And water? Bitch please.. You only drank water to chase your tequila shots. How could I attempt to correct my weight issue if I wasn’t even able to be completely honest about my half-assed attempts?


Once I began to actually commit myself and be completely HONEST about what I was doing, consuming, and lacking.. My weight dropped and my life changed. Nothing will change if you never take accountability for your actions. I can ONLY get mad at MYSELF about any weight gain that I experience occasionally, you know why? Because I’m 100% sure it was my fault! I know damn well what will happen if I skip workouts for a week or cheat alllll weekend, I will gain weight. It doesn’t matter what my intent was, only actions matter.

Instead of playing victim and convincing yourself that “I’m doing everything right!” Take a minute to find the error in your ways. You can post a million gym pictures to Instagram, but that Cinnabon you ate at 2 am has no problem making an uninvited appearance on your waistline. Losing weight and keeping it off is truly one of the hardest things you will ever do in life, don’t make it harder on yourself by living a lie. Be honest, dedicate yourself 150%, and if you fuck up (which you will during your journey) acknowledge WHY it happened, see what you can do to rectify it, and KEEP GOING.

Mell B
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