Recipe: Honey Glazed Salmon served with Curry Cream Sauce and Vegetable Medley

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Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe 


5oz Salmon (skin off)
2tbsp Olive oil
1tsp black pepper
2tsp Salt
1tbsp Honey
1/2 Lemon

Inside a saute pan, on medium heat add the two tablespoons of oil. Allow this to heat up for 45 seconds, while you season your salmon. Be sure you season both sides of the fish before placing into the hot oil. Cook the same on bith saide for about 3-4 mins (when the fish pullsnaway with ease, its ready to flip). Place your cooked salmon on a plate to rest. Squeeze your half of lemon over your salmon, the pour the honey over as well from right to left. 


1oz Onion (diced)
1oz Red&Green Bellpeppers (each,diced)
1oz Zucchinni (cut into half moons)
1oz Squash (cut into half moons)
2oz Button Mushroom (cut in half)
1oz Green Beans (cleaned)
2oz Garlic (sliced)
2oz Corn (canned,drained)
1oz Jalapeños (sliced)

Using the same pan you just removed the salmon from. Return pan back to the medium heat; again you will allow it to get hot. Once it heats up, add in your vegetable all at once. Cook your vegetables on a medium heat for 2 minutes, seaoning with salt and pepper before removing from the heat. (do not over cook this, over cooking with kill any nutritional value your vegetables have).

Curry Cream Sauce:

1c Heavy Cream 
3tbsp Curry Powder 
1tbsp Garlic Powder 
2tbsp Ginger Powder
1tbsp Lawry’s Seasoning 
2 Bayleaf 
2tsp Honey
1oz Lemongrass
1tbsp Butter

In a sauce pot, on a medium heat, pour in the heavy cream. Let the cream, lemongrass, and curry powder, cook this for a one minute or two. Then lower your heat to medium low and began to add the ingredients that will flavor your sauce. One by one, add in chili powder, ginger, bayleaf, lawyers, and honey. Taste your sauce, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper if needed. Allow your curry sauce to boil for 5 minutes, then mount with butter (stir in butter until its fully melted).


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