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“My Life Is Based On Sacrifices..”

The are 2 very significant dates in the month of December that will always hold a special place in my heart. One of those dates,12/18/2012, holds the most importance. This was the day that I chose to put an end to a very unhealthy and unhappy life that was slowly killing me, both mentally and physically. No more self-pity. No more blame games. No more covering up and concealing. Just authentically and unapologetically becoming who God designed for me to be. Although it’s been a rocky road, I have continued to fulfill this commitment that I made to myself. Many beautiful things have grown from the seeds of change that I planted. I became a source of inspiration for other women who were just like myself: weighed down with excess pounds and the world on their shoulders, not having a clue on how to dig themselves out of the mess that they have created within their life. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine actually becoming someone’s source of motivation. I’ve received so many heartfelt e-mails and texts from women over these last 2 years, often leaving me at a loss for words and crying with my sensitive ass, lol. To see emails written to me from women dwelling in a place of emotional turmoil often brings me back to a painful place, a place from which I triumphantly emerged (not without battle scars of course, lol). Reading these women’s stories gave me the courage to further live out my purpose.

One Sunday evening last December, I had an overwhelming urge to share my story. I was literally just laying in bed watching television, and the feeling just wouldn’t go away. I spent the next 2 hours pouring my heart out and revealing my truth in the form of words, a truth that was still so vivid in my mind and heavy on my heart. The more I wrote, the lighter I felt. I wanted to share it with the world, but from what platform? I decided to create a blog. Before I pressed “publish”, my hands trembled, I broke out in a panicked sweat, and began to reconsider sharing my innermost thoughts with a bunch of strangers. “Why would anybody care about my story?” is what I told myself. Then, in true Mellenie form, lol I said: “FUCK IT, it is what it is!” And pressed PUBLISH. The moment I posted my blog was one of the most freeing moments of my adult life. I received such great feedback and positive reinforcement. That gave me the confidence to keep going and keep unveiling my truth.

The more I wrote and shared, the more I realized.. We are all going thru the same shit. We are all seeking greater realities better than the one that we’re currently living, despite how amazing our present situation is. We all feel sadness, feel not so pretty some days, been lied to, taken advantage of, struggle with weight issues, relationships, finances, and just trying to maintain our sanity in this crazy ass world. Knowing this always makes me feel comfortable sharing my journey with people that I will probably never meet face to face, just based on that connection. What do I have to be ashamed of? The only people that are scared of their truth are ones that are desperately trying to run from it. If I would have never confronted my issues with weight and depression, and chose to continue wallowing in self-pity instead, I would have never experienced the beautiful (but farrrr from perfect) life that I now have.

I honestly think that God rewards those who make an effort to fulfill their purpose, because I have received one blessing after another ever since doing so. What’s for you is already accounted for, you just have to be open and ready to receive those blessings. Don’t block your blessings with fear, doubt or apprehension, fight through the pain until it no longer exists or becomes more manageable. Realizing that I, little ole me, fought and conquered something that was so much bigger than me gives me strength that I never knew existed. Find your strength.

P.S.: To anybody who has ever taken the time out of their day to read my thoughts, THANK YOU! It means more than you will ever know. Thanks for rocking with me for a year 🙂

Mell B
Instagram: mellbfit

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  • Shorlonda Charles


  • Kayla

    I absolutely love you and am so proud of you. Thank you so much for sharing this journey. Girl you know I love your insta but this blog is EVERYTHINGGG!! Your words are so real and relatable. Even though you get tons of emails, texts, comments and all that jazz …. The amount of people you touch goes WAYYYY beyond that! There are some who just choose to move I silence. Read, soak it in and keep it moving. You are such an amazing woman and inspiration and you are so dead on with this. When you start to live your purpose things start falling into place and blessings pour out. Wishing you all the joy and blessings in the world – you deserve it! Keep doing your thing boo!

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