“MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE.” Spotlight on Domonique.

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One of the most difficult things to accept is acknowledging the fact that you need to lose weight. We run from it. Conceal it. Deny it. We do everything but face the truth and confront our problems head-on. A state of denial will leave us entrapped in a body undeserving of us, and can hinder us from living life at the highest quality. Domonique answered her wake up call, and has victoriously fought and is winning the battle of obesity. I had a chance to speak with this beautiful woman, let’s see how she lost the weight and claimed what is hers:

Congratulations on your weight loss! You look great. What made you realize that you needed to change? 

Thank you! I realized I needed to lose weight when I started to see me off guard pics and how I really looked. You know as females, we can take a mirror pic and turn a certain way to make parts of ours look nice to the rest of the world lol. The breaking point was me going on the scale and it was 289 pounds. Also me being a mother, I felt it wasn’t fair to her for me not to able to do certain activities. She was and still is my motivation. 

In retrospect, what would you say hindered you from losing weight successfully in the past? What is different this time around that has granted you long-term results? 

Just trying to find a quick fix. Quick fixes absolutely work but making it a lifestyle keeps it off. Now that I made it a lifestyle, I have balance. Some days are perfect, some days aren’t but Im okay with that. 
You were beautiful at every size. Has there been a difference in the amount of attention that you receive from men since shedding the pounds? 

Thank you. Yes and no. I have some men with negative comments because of course when you are bigger you are much wider (my butt was HUGE).Men like ass lol, sorry! But honestly they don’t care if it comes along with a 200 pound stomach but those same men who like that would be quick to call you fat in a minute. I’ve had men tell me I was okay before and I dont need to lose anymore. I’ve had men say that I look amazing and I’ve attracted different types of men now with my weight loss. My advice to females with curves is of course as you come down you are going to loss some assets because the big butt is really fat thighs, back fat, love handles etc lol, but trust me you are going to like the new shapely butt with a new small waist line 🙂 So dont let men’s opinions of you affect your progress and journey. Mold yourself to your liking and the right man will appreciate everything about the new you. 

What does a typical day in the gym consist of for you? How often do you workout? 

I lost mainly all of my 80 pounds outside the gym. Diet I’ve learned is very important. I did home workouts (fitness blender, youtube/instagram videos) and that helped drop my weight. I just recently joined the gym this October and this is my first ever. I now workout 5x a week, 3 days a week I focus on legs and the rest arms, back etc. I’m focused now with toning everything up and replacing my fat with lean muscle. 
As the mother of a precious little girl, do you instill healthy habits in her as well? If so, do you find it to be challenging? 

Yes I try my best to have her eat better but it’s hard because she’s a little child who likes sweets. I try to keep her very active with me as much as I can. 
Do you have any advice for the woman who feels as if she’s just meant to be fat and has lost all motivation? 

Do what is best for you. When you look in the mirror and you dont like what you see, change it. Losing weight is for you andno one else. Never hate what you are currently, but love yourself to be the bestversion  of you. Start with small changes, stay consistent and trust the progress, you can do it. 

You can follow Domo2pretty_ and her fitness journey on Instagram. 

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