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Hello! New week, new goals. I always have to include eating clean into my day, so meal prep is a must.

I tried a few new recipes this week!



I’ve been incorporating fresh fruit and veggie juice into my smoothies as a base; this smoothie contained a juice of romaine, lime, apples and pears.


I blended the juice with frozen mango, pineapple, banana and spinach.


I also made a “joothie” with a carrot and watermelon juice base, blended with a berry mix and mango.


For one of my meals, I made lobster and salmon cakes. The recipe will be posted this week, just know that they turned out amazing! I mean, with those ingredients it’s pretty hard for them not to be.

image image

These were accompanied by honey-roasted curry rainbow carrots and Brussels sprouts with onion and pear.

image image image

I also made twice baked loaded sweet potatoes with chicken and spinach. These are hearty and a “one stop shop”. I didn’t have to make any accompanying sides because they already have tons of proteins and vitamins.

I will drink a gallon of water throughout the day. My snacks are fresh pineapple and a portion-controlled nut and cheese combo.



This week is all about toning. I will try to incorporate a lot of intense cardio and isolated muscle training to maximize the results I’m trying to see.


Have a great week! Don’t give up on yourself, you are one healthy decision away from a life you never dreamed possible.

Mell B

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