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Hello! Another week, another opportunity to get back on track. There was a huge winter storm in Philly last week, and my plans to stay on track were slightly derailed! I didn’t meal prep and that threw my entire week off. I’m so used to having my healthy meals readily available, so having my routine thrown off threw me for a loop. But, that’s in the past, I’m ready now.

For breakfast, I prepared fruit and veggie smoothies. This will be me and my boo’s breakfast for a while, we are aiming until at least April.

Top: mango, spinach and banana.

Bottom: berry mix, spinach/kale, and banana.


I made one of my favorite veggies as a side dish, brussel sprouts. I roasted them with my favorite low sodium seasonings.
Another side dish is a small salad, yogurt dressing and crispy onions will top it.

My boyfriend really enjoyed this dish a couple of weeks ago, so I chose to make it again: ground turkey and sweet potato hash. Really easy and filling!


Since social media has completely perverted our minds, please keep it out of the gutter looking at the image above, haha! I made eggplant and chicken Parmesan boats. They were amazing! Recipe will be posted this week.



All packed and ready to go! My Fluffy a Ain’t For Me meal prep bag was able to fit all of my meals for the week, in addition to my snacks (yogurt and fruit).


I will drink 100 oz of water today with my Fruit Infuser water bottle. This bottle is 25 oz, so I will refill 4 times.

Plan for the week: to KILL my fat! I will be doing a lot of strength training and focusing on specific areas this week. The more muscle built, the more fat burns.

Have a great week!

Mell B

Instagram: Mellbfit


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