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Back at it! I did not meal prep last week, and my life sucked because of that. This week I wasn’t letting anything get in the way of meal prepping. No excuses!


Breakfast for me this week is something new I wanted to try: overnight oats. The concept is fairly easy, simply allowing my oats to soak overnight in almond milk and chia seeds, and adding toppings of your choice to be enjoyed that morning. I added peanut butter, bananas, pecans, and granola.


I’m also having my usual fruit and veggie juice as well. This juice consists of carrots, pineapple, orange bell pepper, and grapefruit.

I prepped smoothie bags for him, and he will also be having hot oatmeal.

I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but it is freezing in Philly already! That calls for clean comfort foods. I made my Spicy Sweet Potato Chicken Chili, recipe will be posted this week. 

I also made cornbread at his request; I made it as clean as possible without sacrifice any flavor or moisture. I used extra virgin olive oil instead of butter, and half of the amount than what the recipe originally called for. I used almond milk in place of a fattier milk, and added a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt to compensate for the lack of butter. I always find adding yogurt adds a nice texture to many of things that I bake. And guess what? It still tasted BOMB AF! Haha.

Another meal I prepared was a veggie chicken medley simmered in a Parmesan tomato sauce and served over flaxseed angel hair pasta. Asparagus will accompany it.

Snacks for me will be Greek yogurt and almonds, with a gallon of water throughout the day. 

Still on the road to recovery, which means I’m still not cleared to do my thing in the gym. But I do plan on stepping up what I can do, instead of nothing at all.
Have a great Monday and a great week as well! Start TODAY!
Mell B
Instagram: Mellbfit

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