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Heyyy! Meal prep got off to a late start this week, but it has to be done. Chicken was done two ways using one pack. Salads and veggies accompanied our meals:

Breakfast consists of a pineapple, banana, and carrot smoothie. 
I made a chicken and shrimp stir fry with a homemade ginger sauce as one meal option.

I made turkey bacon wrapped baked chicken breasts served with Parmesan asparagus.

Yogurt as a snack for both of us, along with other healthy snacks that we both already have at work. A gallon of water will be consumed throughout the day.


I’m sad. The above picture is my mood. Due to personal reasons, I’m unable to workout at the capacity that I’m used to. I have been limited to light exercise for the next 6 weeks and I can’t lie, I’m pissed. But shit happens! I will try to keep my eating on point as much as I can, so that I don’t gain.
That’s all folks! Until next week.
Mell B
Instagram: Mellbfit

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