Meal Prep and Workouts for the Week

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Meal prep, the most exhausting and rewarding part of my week. Since I’m preparing for two this week, (nooooo I’m not pregnant, haha) I figured I would make fairly easy meals for the both of us. Lots of protein and veggies, not too many carbs.

For my breakfast, I’m having my usual fruit and veggie juice.

For his breakfast, I made eggs with sautéed peppers, kale and cheese. I accompanied this with pepper turkey bacon.

Fresh-cut pineapple is the snack of choice, can’t go wrong with this!

Chicken breasts were the main attraction in both to our meals, I made pan roasted honey balsamic chicken. I was able to get a few different variations of meals from this:

For one of his lunch options, chopped kale salad with the chicken and a serving of barbeque ranch dressing.
I made myself roasted broccoli to accompany my chicken.
*not pictured by itelf* I made him whole grain angel hair topped with the chicken, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze and the remains of the broccoli I roasted.

I made myself a taco salad consisting of ground chicken seasoned with chilli powder, on a bed of baby kale, topped with salsa and a homemade chipotle creme.
This was the base of the chipotle creme and it is so good!
A gallon of water will be consumed throughout the day. I will eat yogurt as an additional snack.
Workouts will be all about the weights this week. I have been doing things to challenge myself and outside of my comfort zone, such as pull-ups (or my sorry ass attempt, haha!) and bench presses with more weight.
Have a great week!!
Mell B

Instagram: Mellbfit

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