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Heyyy! I’ve literally been running on fumes for a majority of my week, and got in pretty late last night. Needless to say, I was exhausted! But not meal prepping was NOT an option, so I dragged my tired ass right on in the kitchen. I still made it a “quickie” though!

My protein for the week is salmon (Whole Foods has theeeee best salmon) and shrimp. Salmon was seasoned with balsamic glaze, garlic, pepper, lemon, and pink Himalayan sea salt. Shrimp: lemon, pepper, sea salt, garlic. Broiling both simultaneously cuts down on prep time and clean up.


My veggies did not have to be cooked; I made a simple cucumber salad to accompany my salmon. I made a chopped kale salad that I topped with the shrimp. 

For breakfast, my usual go-to: fruit and veggie juice. 

Snacks will be rice cakes with peanut butter and Greek yogurt. A gallon of water throughout the day.



My workouts for the week will include much of the same from last week. My trainer has kicked my sessions up to another level, since she feels My endurance is able to withstand harder routines. Yay me! Haha. She really challenged me last week, and I’m looking forward to this weeks session. (don’t tell her this please!! Haha)
Make it a great week!
Mell B
Instagram: Mellbfit

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