Meal prep and workout routine for the week.

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I’m baaaaack! Haha. Last week was a disaster as far as preparation is concerned. It basically never happened, with the exception of a few juices for breakfast. Getting back on track is soooo hard after a vacation. But playtime is officially over!


For breakfast, I prepared a juice consisting of plums, carrots, watermelon, honey crisp apple, and lime. I named this juice “Sugar Plum Fairy”, because of its sweet taste.


 I made another juice for Tuesday as well (pictured right), since I normally get home completely exhausted on Monday nights from the gym and don’t feel like doing much of anything but shower and watch my ratchet reality TV shows.


 For my lunch/dinner prep, I decided to make 2 different meals using 1 pound of ground chicken: Ground chicken tacos with chipotle lime yogurt topping and teriyaki chicken burgers topped with grilled pineapple.


I used plain Greek yogurt, fresh lime juice,  pink Himalayan sea salt, chili powder, and Mrs Dash extra spicy seasoning as a tasty replacement for sour cream, which is normally used as a taco topping.


Romaine lettuce was a healthy swap for taco shells, topped with salsa, low fat cheese and green chiles.


 The chicken burgers came out amazing, if I can say so myself, haha!


 I paired the burgers with a romaine and baby spinach mix, and topped with dried cranberries, cashews, and sesame sticks. 

AM snacks: Greek yogurt

PM snacks: peanut butter and apples (not pictured)

One gallon of water throughout the day.

Workout routine for the week:


  That’s it! The way my mind works (I’m a scatterbrain at times) I need everything prepped and planned ahead of time. In the moment doesn’t work for me. Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Mell B

Instagram: Mellbfit 

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