Keto Curious? What You Need To Get Started.

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Keto. If you are active on social media, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this word as much as you’ve seen the viral Spongebob Meme.

There are so many accounts on social media dedicated to keto, that a beginner seeking information can easily become overwhelmed. I know that I was! To make life easier for you, I am providing a list of my favorite keto staples from Amazon!

Water Bottle

Water is KEY on a ketogenic diet. You should be drinking as much as 100 oz to a gallon per day. This bottle is a fun and motivating way to reach your daily goal.

Meal Prep Containers

If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready! Prepping your meals in advance will help you stay on track. These meal prep containers are perfect for keto on the go!

Food Scale

If you are practicing strict keto, you will need to track your macros. When tracking your macros, it is imperative to accurately measure your foods. A food scale is vital to tracking your macros. If you know exactly what is being consumed, you will have better management over your results.


MCT Oil is an excellent source of fat, which accounts for 75% of your diet when following keto. MCT oil is a clean and healthy source of fat, it is a fractionated coconut oil which also provides an abundance of energy. Bulletproof Brain Octane happens to be my personal favorite. It is flavorless and colorless, and can be added to your coffee and foods. FYI – please do not cook with MCT oil.

Coconut Oil

MCT Oil can be pretty pricey! Coconut oil is a great alternative, especially since MCT Oil is derived from Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is also a clean and healthy fat to incorporate in your ketogenic diet, at half the cost. Unlike MCT Oil, you can cook with it.

Sweetener for Coffee/Tea

When it comes to sweeteners, Monkfruit is my absolute favorite. Monkfruit is plant based, and tastes almost identical to regular sugar. It also leaves no bitter aftertaste. These packets are perfect to keep in your purse, your carryon when traveling, and to keep at your desk at work.

Pur Chewing Gum

This gum is a staple in my purse! It doesn’t contain aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener that contains cancer causing agents. This gum will also help you control your sweet tooth! I pop a piece after a meal, and am able to avoid giving into any sweet cravings that I may occasionally have.

I really hope this list helps you navigate through your ketogenic journey. If you need additional assistance, I also run a 30 Day Keto Challenge, where I guide you for 30 consecutive days of understanding this lifestyle, all while equipping you with the tools that make this way of life much less complicated. If interested, please click here

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