“INSPIRED TO BE HEALTHY.” The untold side of obesity as told by Adrienne.

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“…I never had any health issues and you know how black folks always say: “ain’t nothin wrong with being fat, you just big boneded!”


In 2013, I started my health journey with a facebook group I created, Inspired To Be Healthy to not only inspire myself, but for others to be healthy as well. In doing so, I lost a good amount of weight and began eating clean, healthy foods and working out at the gym.

I still had perfect health as a big girl. I never could prepare myself for the health issues that would lie ahead…

In 2014, my old ways started to creep back in; it went from one cheat day to a cheat weekend, and a cheat weekend to a cheat month and before you know it I was right back where I started (which I somehow thought wasn’t so bad). I still had perfect health as a big girl. I never could prepare myself for the  health issues that would lie ahead… 
One night, after eating some Chinese takeout, I thought I got some bad food because I could not stop throwing up! This went on for hours and I ended up being rushed to the hospital where I found out that I had a bad gallbladder due to rapid weight loss and gain (So the next time you think of yo-yo dieting and binging on fast food keep that in mind! It’s extremely painful). As if that wasn’t bad enough, I also found out in the same night that I had onset of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and fatty liver disease! I was so shocked because I never had any health issues and you know how black folks always say “ain’t nothin wrong with being fat, you just big boneded!” Well that fat almost killed me! Being the pretty plus-sized super thick girl caused me a ton of health issues overnight! Not to mention that it was twice as hard to recover from an injury because I was morbidly obese. Rehabbing my back was almost impossible and I realized then that the whole plus-sized movement, although helping humans treat other humans better, enabled many into believing that they are just fine being overweight.

I always bragged that I had perfect health that was even better than some skinny girls. Then my healthy meals and health and fitness group that I ran could not save me from a harsh reality that loomed over me for 10 years… that I was too darn BIG! My lack of consistency finally caught up with me. 

Completely devastated, I made a promise to myself to take my health and fitness seriously and I also decided then that this was an ongoing issue that I wanted help with. I no longer wanted to hide behind cropped pictures, makeup contouring, and fashion. Or going out sneaking bad foods and then only posting my healthy meals online. 


I started to face my issues with emotional eating and made the choice to have weight loss surgery to assist me in getting rid of my diabetes and other obesity related diseases. I knew there was a MAJOR stigma within the weight loss community and black community when it came to “taking the easy way out” or “lettin some doctor cut on you” however, I also knew that there was an epidemic within the community with people having diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I knew that having this surgery would rid me of these diseases and obesity with consistent diet and exercise. Same rules apply to all of us trying to get to a healthier weight. This surgery would not even be needed if I had taken my health and weight loss journey more seriously! Instead of thinking I had all of the years in the world to get the weight off. 
Today I am consistent with my low carb, clean eating and exercise. I have dropped 20 pounds and no longer have to take insulin to control my blood sugar. I am still on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol. I am scheduled for the RNY Bypass in January. My goal is to drop 40 pounds (10 pounds per month) before surgery. This was the hardest story for my to write and I blog all of the time, lol. I hope that this inspires someone who has fallen off to get back on track and make a change and better health choices before your choices are made for you by doctors!   
You can follow Adrienne on Instagram, Inspiredtobemedia, where she will keep us updated on her progress.

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