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There is a story behind every inspirational weight loss pic, a journey seldom seen by the public eye. A common misconception of people that have lost a considerable amount of weight is that we magically “woke up like dis,” we don’t struggle, and that the pounds just melt off effortlessly. Shiiiiiit! Lol. Maybe that’s why it is so refreshing to be able to view one that motivates so many as just “one of us.” One of my biggest weight loss motivators that has helped me regain my health is none other than Mrs Fit Girl, CEO of Fit Girl Army. Her weight loss program is gimmick free, and her daily words of encouragement, truth, insight and knowledge of proper nutrition and exercise has helped thousands of women and men say “PHUCK YO SCALE!” and encourages her “soldiers” to wage a war against obesity and rely on inner strength as motivation. I had the chance to speak with this beautiful soul, see what she had to say:

What prompted you to begin living a healthy and active lifestyle?

“I’ve always been into fitness, but I never knew how to combine healthy eating with it. I always thought as long as I was physical everything would be ok. Of course I found out that fitness was only a small piece to the puzzle I was trying to put together.”

How did Fit Girl Army begin? Did you ever expect for it to become such an inspiration to so many?

“It started in Dec 2012. I remember I would always call girls who followed my IG page “soldiers.” I would say “we are at war against fat!” lol…It was from that little phrase the Fit Girl Army was born. I wanted to create a space where women worked hard to protect their bodies. I had no idea it would inspire so many, although that was always my hope. I used to spend hours upon hours on tumblr looking at weight loss before and afters. I was so inspired by those women who shared their journey and hoped that one day I would be able to share mine!”

I’m sure you get tons of touching e-mails from people seeking motivation. Is there any e-mail that stands out?

“I get e-mails from teens and although I can relate to them, I can only do so as an adult. I never struggled with my weight until my 20s. When I receive emails about bad relationships I suddenly turn into a counselor! lol…I think that’s because I can relate to those the most. I spent half of my 20s unhealthy physically and mentally due to a verbally abusive relationship, so I give so much advice to women on that and health all the time.”

What many may not know is that we spent a lot of days/nights together “turning up” in the clubs years ago, lol. At the time, high calorie bar food and tons of alcohol was on the menu weekly. Although this was our former lifestyle, do you find it challenging to balance current friendships/relationships with your current healthy lifestyle?

“Haha…Amazing that all my dancing and drinking pictures have you in them! But back to your question yes and no. It was harder initially because I would always receive smart comments, however I think my “friends” have just stopped inviting me out all together so it works out for me and them. I will say even when I try to “turn up” my body just won’t go for it. 2 drinks in and my stomach and head are like ummm what the hell are you doing?!”

Do you ever have days where you feel like giving up? If so, what helps you get back on track?

“Not giving up, but maybe thinking you’re fine right here. Then the mirror brings me back to reality. I want to see visible muscle when I look in the mirror. If I don’t see it then I’m not done working!”

Do you ever mentally struggle with accepting the physical changes that have happened to your body? Do you still feel as if you are your “before” image?

“Always! For some reason I still have not purchased a belt. The last time I tried on one was in H&M probably 2+ yrs ago and none of the women’s belts fit. I actually had to go to the men’s section. To this day I can’t bring myself to try on a belt in any store. Also, I still have a fear of trying on jeans. I brought 2 pair earlier this year and they fit just fine, however the fear of dressing room disappointment still lives inside of me.”

What do you think is the biggest culprit of weight loss failure: lack of motivation or lack of discipline?

“Discipline. The moment you lose focus is the moment you lose (period.) You can train your body, but it will only follow if you train your mind FIRST!”

Ultimate cheat day. What is on your menu?

“Funny enough I don’t have cheat days anymore. I’ve learned a new way of eating that allows me whatever I want when I want. I haven’t had an actual “cheat day” in months!”

You inspire thousands. Who inspires you?

“There’s too many to name! Ultimate inspiration when I’m feeling down is Will Smith. I can watch any of his interviews on YouTube and instantly feel like I can do anything. He’s a firm believer in the laws of attraction and that’s the way I live my life.”

What’s next for Fit Girl Army? What can we expect from you in the future?

“Well the next big thing is the Fit Girl Army Fitness Studio opening the first week of Dec. It’s a space that I plan to change many lives in! I will be holding all different kinds of classes there each week. While the decor will be an absolute girly girls dream, the workouts will test even the strongest of men. Any and every girl in Philly must visit at least once!”

Are there any words of encouragement that you can share with the readers?

“Take the pain of discipline over the pain of regret. Yes starting a new lifestyle is hard. Yes sticking to that new lifestyle is hard. However deleting every pic you’re in and feeling less than in someone’s dressing room is even more painful. Choose your pain wisely!”

Mell B
Instagram: Mellbfit

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