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*In her words:*

I wanted to share my weight loss/ fitness story in hopes to inspire someone else. My motivation was my overall health. I was 21 and facing high blood pressure. My family has a history of high blood pressure and diabetes and I didnt want that for myself. I went to the doctor one day and she was telling me about my blood pressure and how id have to take medicine. I had been obese my whole life, but I Knew that if I wanted different for myself, I had to take my health- my life back. I started out by talking with a friend of the family who happened to be a trainer and had been trying to get me to workout for years but I never really gave it a thought until then. He took me grocery shopping, helping me pick out food. Eating lean meats, veggies, drinking a gallon of water a day and complex carbs. Eating six small meals a day. For the first two weeks he watched my eating to make sure I was serious. Within the first two weeks I dropped 15 pounds, and thats when I began to workout. I worked out about five times a week, and alot of it consited of cardio alot of running and strength training. My starting weight was 331, which wasnt even my biggest. I am now 205. Im 5’11. I started my journey march 2013. After reaching my 100lb goal, i hit a long plateau, which discouraged me. I found myself gaining weight back, but ive learned that you have to be consistent. but ive changed up my workouts by adding weights and the numbers have been dropping. Everyday i learn something new, i am still transitioning; this is a lifestyle. Thank you for your daily inspiration and tips. Ive learned from you to never give up, and I truly appreciate you that! 


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