Don’t lose weight and gain an ego!

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Soooo, you’ve finally reached that wonderful stage in your weight loss journey when your slimmed down appearance speaks for itself, EVERYBODY that you run into looks at you in shock and awe, and you hear tons of remarks such as: “Wow! You look soooooo good! OMG!” “Look at YOU!!!” “You look amazing! Keep it up!” And after months or even years of wallowing in depression and being ashamed of your bigger physique, it feels GREAT to hear these things. Can’t nobody tell you shit! And to be completely honest, after working your ass off (literally) you deserve the recognition! However, in my case.. There was a flip side:


My ass was letting those reactions and remarks feed my ego! Although I have never claimed to be the most modest person, (I have about 800 selfies in my phone.. I know. Shut up.) I was receiving such an over abundance of compliments on my weight loss that I began to feel as if my work here was done, that I could now relax.

During the beginning of my weight loss journey, I blocked myself from everything and everyone, what I now like to refer to as a “social hibernation.” After dropping close to 30 pounds, I FINALLY felt comfortable enough to return to civilization and interact with humans in more than a work atmosphere, lol. The immediate reaction I would get in reference to the pounds I shed was a warm welcome back into the world, but my unspoken reaction to people’s kind words created a mini self-sabatoge. I began to slowly fall into some of my old habits: drinking 2 to 3 times a week, going to happy hour with co-workers, nibbling on the many snacks that were constantly in my presence, and accepting invites out to indulge in high calorie meals. I went from working out every single day, sometimes 2 times a day, to 2 times a week.


Although I was still doing pretty good overall, my drive to meet my goal was slowed down due to these speed bumps I encountered called: “ego” “content” and “comfort”. My fuel and passion in the beginning was to prove naysayers wrong, and once that was accomplished I got comfortable. I got even more comfy when I would get on the scale after indulging in all types of unhealthy bullshit and it would say that I barely gained a pound. I was really feeling myself and started to feel invincible to gaining weight. Mannnn was I wrong!


Out of the blue one day, I got on the scale and I almost cried. All of that back pedaling caught up with me, I gained 7 pounds! The muscles that I had began to develop were becoming non-existent, my smaller outfits that I was able to purchase and wear confidently started to cling to me once again. That shit was extremely humbling, I literally felt as if someone poured a bucket of ice on me in the middle of a dream that involved me and Idris Elba.

Although I definitely knew better and wished that I wouldn’t have let people’s compliments and my own ego deter me from my focus and goals, I am so very glad that I was taught that life lesson. What I learned was this; the journey and grind NEVER STOPS. You have to work even harder to maintain what you have lost than you do to simply lose it, and the only pie you need to indulge in frequently during this journey is HUMBLE PIE! Treat everyday of your journey as if its still the very beginning, or you will quickly become what you fought so hard to shed: FAT.

Mell B

Instagram: Mellenie

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