“Dear Summer” low-cal alcoholic drink recipe

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer, yayyyy! What a brutal winter we’ve experienced here in Philly. Warm weather means more skin exposed, fun with friends, and TONS of temptation. While alcohol is definitely not on anyone’s list of clean or healthy, it’s all about moderation and revamping what you are used to. I came up with a few grown up drinks that will get you buzzed without adding to the bulge. Remember, the key is moderation! Enjoy!


2 shots of Smirnoff reduced calorie mango passion fruit vodka

1/2 cup of Ocean Spray 100% citrus mango pineapple juice

Fresh sliced strawberries and mango chunks for garnish

Crushed ice


Add all ingredients (minus fruit) to shaker. 

Pour chilled beverage into glass.

Add fruit to beverage and glass.


Mell B

Instagram: Mellbfit

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