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IMG_2946If you’re into fitness and have an Instagram account, chances are that you follow the self-proclaimed “Rehabiliatated Fat Boy” aka username_dopeaf (IG account name). Since following his page, I’ve always admired the creativity and presentation of his culinary creations, and he has inspired many to “ditch the dough” and live a low carb lifestyle. Not only has it helped him lose over 100 lbs, it’s prompted thousands to follow suit and battle the bulge successfully. I had the opportunity to pick his brain about alllll types of “shiznayee”, take a look into his world:

1.) Was there a defining moment that prompted your weightloss?

My weight loss journey started with what I thought was gout in my right ankle. I went to see a doctor whose name is lost to time. He told me I didn’t have gout. The problem was my weight. It was wearing out the cartilage between my ankle bones. He said: “Dude, I’ma be honest. You are so fat, you are ruining your ankle with every step you take. Cut that shit out”. Best advice I ever got. I wish I knew him today because I would take him for a drink, a jog or something. He turned my life around with his honesty.

2.) What do you feel are some of the biggest misconceptions made when it comes to losing weight?

The biggest one has to be an overweight person’s view on eating. Meaning you will not want to eat, try starving yourself and start skipping meals. These things only contribute to weight gain rather than weight loss simply because of the way our bodies are set up. Quite honestly, there is so much mixed info out there about eating, I don’t blame them. My best advice is to eat when you’re hungry, don’t eat when your not. Slowly work on portion control and stop looking for quick fixes for your eating disorder. Address the issue rather than avoiding it.

3.) Many consider you “The King of Meal Prep” in the IG fitness community, did you ever expect to have such a large following solely based on your lifestyle change?

No! I started my IG after several failed & Instagram admin deleted IGs. I wanted to be the funny guy smh. So after getting deleted once again, I happened to notice one of my followers posting their weight loss journey. At the time I was already 60 lbs into my weight loss journey but I never posted about it or talked about. I was actually embarrassed by it. I followed suit & opened my heart to Instagram. This was around the time I started teaching myself how to really cook. Plate presentation followed & then video, the rest is history. To this day I am humbled by all this. I’m just some fat guy trying bring to close the fat chapter in his life for good.

4.) I love the song selection you choose for your meal prep videos. What songs always give you that extra push while working out?

Lmaoo I should have been a DJ lol!!! I love music. I have a tattoo that says “Music is Life” and it’s so true. For me, anything 90s to early 2000 hip hop/r&b gives me life. I’m a huge Jay Z fan. As far as songs, I don’t know. I have over 12,000 songs in my iTunes library. For me it’s a song that reminds me of a moment in time when I was having fun in my late teens to my mid 20s. Since I’m replying to these questions in the gym, right now that song is Paul Wall – Internet Going Nuts. Ironic but it highlights your questions, lol. This was my shit when I first moved to Atlanta, that was a very fun time.

5.) Would you say that your social media presence plays a role in you being consistent with your current lifestyle?

It absolutely does. I started posting my weight loss journey as a way of keeping myself accountable. Today it’s turned into a point of motivation and inspiration for others. This is totally contradictory to my point of view. My IG is my weight loss journey. I post things to motivate myself & highlight turning points along my journey. I follow ppl who are motivating & inspirational as well. That being said, I know that ppl look to me for the same things I look to others for. Therefore I have to be aware of my actions. This keeps me on course.

6.) I know that you promote a “no carb” lifestyle, (his e-book, “Eat Carbs For What?” Is available for purchase) BUT! Are there ever any days where you say, “mannnnn fuck this! Give me a donut!”

Lmaooo I get that all the time. I’m low carb thru & thru. There was a short time in the latter part of 2013 when I stopped being low carb & I’m paying for that right now lol. That being said, once you practice cutting your carbs for a long time, eating sweets actually does more harm than good. Eating a donut would knock me off my feet as the sugar would be a shock to my system. So it’s kinda like a deterrent to stay the course because sweets make me feel horrible.

7.) You share many great recipes on Instagram and via your website. What are some of your favorite recipes and foods to prepare?

There are so many! Right now it’s definitely the Sriracha glazed turkey meatloaf & the honey jerk chicken. I could live off of that stuff lol.

8.) You are given ONE day to eat whateverrrrr you want. What’s on the menu?

TGIF Jack Daniels grill items. I love that stuff. The sauce ain’t the lowest in carbs but it’s delicious. One day I’m going to learn how to make that sauce.

9.) Are you single? Lots of ladies are dying to know! Lol. If not, do you feel it’s important for you and your partner to be on the same page as far as fitness and healthy living is concerned?

I am not single. I think I kinda make that known on my page. I’m hella private w/ the details but I lovingly refer to her as Shorty. Her name is always withheld. Also, she isn’t as health conscious as I am but I’m rubbing off on her. I’m trying to get to that fit couple status tho. I think it’s great to both be on the same wave length. It’s only natural for one partner to follow the lead of another. Thank God, it’s to be healthy. Lastly, she is my taste tester so what u see me cook, chances are she ate it after lol.

10.) What can we expect from you in the future?

I have several things planned. Can’t tall about them all but I am working on extended YouTube videos. I’m collaborating w/ several fitness accounts in my area. Trying to take this from the online community into the real world. Never know where that might take me. Ppl keep asking for boot camps, so we are working on making one.


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