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In a cyber world of silicone and shortcuts, it’s refreshing to see amazing results achieved like the woman above. What’s even more incredible? Ms. Nic hasn’t been to a gym in years. Before you go hurling your phone across the room, lol, this Los Angeles based personal trainer prefers her exercise outdoors. Dubbed the “queen of outdoor workouts”, she offers step by step workout options and videos on her Instagram page, which has amassed a large following. See what she had to share below:

Hello! I have to start by saying that you look AMAZING. I’m sure that you hear that frequently but you do. When did fitness become a primary focus in your life?

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Ive always been active into sports my entire life. But, I started taking my health more seriously after giving birth to my son and I went through a depression stage. I wasn’t comfortable with my body so I started going to the gym just to release the stress that I was going through.

I follow your Instagram account, along with thousands of others. One thing that I noticed not only your page; but other popular Instagram accounts that focus on fitness, is that people are searching these pages for SECRETS or cheat codes on how to get fit. How do you respond to those that come to your page looking for these things?

Well, I’m very direct and straight to the point. I lilt to call it “tough love”. So I tell my followers the secret is HARD WORK and Consistency. There aren’t any secrets. Drink more Water. Make better eating choices. Also, workout. That’s all it is to it.


Which would you say holds people back  from reaching their greatest potential physically the most: lack of knowledge or fear of leaving their comfort zone? 

To be honest, both. No one wants to do the work these days nor do they want to do their own research. I feel like people just want to go the quick and easy route. I’m not saying everyone is like that but a majority are. I try to encourage all of my followers to educate themselves when it comes to using certain products like Waist trainers, Detox teas, and certain supplements. You have to be really careful. 

You are a personal trainer. What are the most rewarding moments that you have with your clients? Most frustrating?

The most rewarding moments with my clients are when they’re consistent and giving their all at every session. It shows me how bad they really want it. That makes me really happy. 
I’m rarely frustrated with any of my clients. All of them are pretty good at following directions and doing their very best which is always a plus.

I love that you have achieved such great results without a gym membership and that you primarily workout outdoors for $FREE.99, lol. I also lost a majority of my weight on my own and without a gym membership. Would you say that people feel it’s so expensive to lose weight because of the many weight loss marketing schemes/gimmicks that prey on people’s pockets and insecurities?

Aww Thank you and congrats on your progress. 
You know what, I just found something I liked and really enjoyed. I Never really cared for the gym;it just wasn’t my thing. The machines were always being used. People were always just hanging around and talking. It was annoying. I got tired of it and just started being outdoors more and I loved it. I started creating awesome workouts. Then results came and I was like I’m done with the gym. This is My FITNESS, this is cool.
I don’t think that people feel like the gym is expensive, I just think they are lazy. People have every excuse to why they can’t do something. So, thats why I promote on My page. NO GYM NEEDED!! 


You are the mother of a handsome little man 🙂 Do you have any difficulty incorporating fitness and nutrition into his daily life?

Thank you for the compliment. He is really something else. To be honest its not difficult at all he’s an active kid. He enjoys working out and going hiking with me on the weekends. He has his days when he just wants to eat pizza and homemade cheeseburgers, but other than that he’s always been a picky healthy eater. 

Do you ever have days where you just say, “eff this! I need a burger and fries!”? Haha.

Yes, Absolutely lol. I sure do. Who doesn’t have a cheat meal… Its like you aren’t living if you can’t have a little cheat meal here and there, lol.

Do you have any motivating words for anyone reading this and struggling to start their weight loss journey?

I sure do and I don’t want to just give this advice to those that are trying to lose weight because their are people that struggle to gain just as myself and it isn’t easy at all. I just want to encourage everyone that it takes a lot of time and patience. You Must Have a Plan and Stick to it. Find a Fitness Program you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be in a Gym. Dance (Zumba), Run, Swim, Play a Sport. Be Active. Keep it fun and always switch it up a little so that it doesn’t get boring. Join a Fit group. Make sure to eat the proper nutrition needed. The best project you can work on is YOU. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally. Change for the better. If I can Do it. YOU can do it. YOU HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. HARD WORKS WILL GIVE YOU THE RESULTS YOU WANT. 

To see more of Nic, please follow her on Instagram: Getfitwithnic_

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