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IMG_3259-0Hi, my name is Mellenie, and I am a recovering food addict. I began my weightloss journey 2 years ago. During that time, I’ve lost weight, gained knowledge about proper nutrition and exercise, inspired some beautiful women to get fit, pissed some people off, gained weight, fell back into old habits, fell in love, made new friends, started a blog, and sooooo much more, lol! Never a dull moment in my life. I’ve also discovered many things about myself during this journey.

I have to be 100% honest with you, I lost my focus over the summer. I’m a girl that loves to have fun and do hoodrat stuff with my friends. Unfortunately, that fun involved plenty of empty calories that I consumed without a care. Instead of using the knowledge I’ve gained during the course of this journey to control unnecessary cravings, or “cheat responsibly” I just ate, drank and didn’t give a shit. In retrospect, do I feel bad about it? Not as much as I thought it would have. Although I’m pissed that it resulted in weight gain, it was good for my soul. I was starting to become so obsessed with weight that it literally consumed my every thought. My fear of becoming my “before” haunted me. I needed a mental break from anything related to the subject. It felt good to just be “normal.” Normal in the sense of Deep Fried America’s standards. No calorie counting, sleeping in with my boo in the morning instead of profusely sweating from my AM workout, and enjoying a cocktail without freaking out about the amount of sugar I consumed.

During this brief period however, I didn’t go completely crazy, lol. Some things that I’ve done repetitively during my weight loss journey have become permanently imbedded in my daily routine. I still juiced for breakfast a majority of my week, I still didn’t purchase fattening foods during my grocery trips, I still worked out (some), and water was still my drink of choice (when I wasn’t getting tipsy with my girls lol).

This brief experience has taught me a lot about myself. It showed me that it’s ok to get off track, as long as you get back on. It taught me that as important as my physical health is, my mental health is equally important. You can’t let this lifestyle control you, you have to control IT. For now, I’ve got my mind right and I’m all the way back in the game. My slight weight gain has motivated me in a great way, instead of wallowing in self-pity like I normally would be about it, I now take accountability for my actions, pick myself up, get the fuck over it and go to work. No more regret, because I damn sure don’t regret a single bite, drink, or memory made. It’s just apart of my life as being fit and healthy. You CANNOT let this lifestyle suck the life out of you! Find your balance and always remember: you have the rest of your life to get healthy. Not just today, or next month. This way of life is FOREVER. Don’t forget to squeeze some fun in in between those squats, lol.

Mell B
Instagram: mellbfit

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