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Excuses prevent us  from reaching the levels of success we are all capable of reaching, leaving us merely existing in a life of mediocrity. Not Isa. Isa is not only a mother and successful career woman, she has managed to defy her circumstances and lose the fluff. I had the opportunity to hear her story, and thankful to share it with you all:


You have an amazing weight loss transformation. Please share with us, what prompted your weight loss?
I remember being overweight all of my life and came to embrace my size because I thought there was nothing I could do to change it. I always enjoyed capturing family through photographs and had printed photos from a recent family event. When I saw how big I was I started to seriously consider what I could do to take control of my weight. This is how my journey started.

I see that you’re a very involved mother and also work full time, but you still manage to prepare healthy meals and keep your health a priority.How do you find balance? Do you have any advice for a mother that feels she can’t make time for both fitness and mommy hood?

I always think in advance so that I can mentally prepare my shopping list and plan my time accordingly. I also incorporate foods into my meals that they kids enjoy so that most of what we eat as a family is considered healthy, without depriving the children of what they enjoy. My oldest is 13 years old and he understands how important it is for me to maintain my health and he supports my efforts which make it easier to stay on track. My advice to parents is to look at your journey as a permanent change so that it becomes part of your daily routine. There are also many ways that you can keep active without taking a lot of time away from your children. Making time to workout at home can make all the difference for us mommy’s who do not have time for the gym.

Have people treated you differently since your transformation?

When I initially lost weight I noticed a lot of people change towards me and I believe it was because my initial weight loss was very noticeable. I do not believe people embraced the “new me” as I did and therefore they were stuck on the “old me”. I do not believe I changed mentally but the physical change was very obvious. I also noticed that strangers have treated me different since losing weight as well. It reinforced that there is a stigma of being overweight in our country.

I’ve noticed that one similarity that we have was our self confidence prior to losing weight. How important is it to love yourself before a major transformation?

It is very important to love and accept yourself as you are, regardless of whether you plan to make changes or not. Your physical state should not be a means of measuring whether you accept yourself or not. If you can love yourself at your worse, you are going to be  infatuated with yourself at your best.

Do you find it difficult to socially interact with family/friends that aren’t as health conscious?

Sometimes. My self-control makes it easier to avoid foods that I would not typically eat but I also feel it is important to not allow your lifestyle to hinder your social life. You have to find a good balance and prepare yourself so that you can enjoy time with family and friends while also working towards your goals. Most restaurants offer healthy alternatives even when and attending a gathering you can bring a healthy dish that everyone would enjoy.

Do you think it’s harder to maintain weight loss or lose weight?

It has been harder for me to lose weight than maintain. Losing requires more discipline than maintaining and if you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle you would probably have learned to incorporate maintenance into your journey during weight loss. Sometimes there are circumstances in our lives that make maintenance difficult and we may fall off track and then have to go through the losing process again. But again if you are going through your journey with the mindset that this is going to be a permanent change, you are more likely to have an easier time maintaining.

What methods of weight loss have you found work the best long term?

The best methods of weight loss for long term results would be looking at it as a lifestyle change and not a diet. When I am approached about losing weight I always point out how important it is to not deprive yourself. I cannot think of one food or meal that does not have a healthy alternative. Taking baby steps when first starting out is a great way to start because you are not overwhelmed with the process of losing weight. I believe that keeping the process of losing weight as natural as possible will lead to long-term success. 

Do you feel  that there is any truth to the stereotype/misconception that African American women are more reluctant to adapt to a healthy lifestyle?

Prior to social networks I would have thought this was true because I did know of many African American women who adapting to healthy lifestyles. I think that it has a lot to do with how we are raised and in my family we typically ate “Southern Style Foods” that incorporated a lot of salt, fat, oils, etc. This carried on into my adulthood and I thought that this way of eating was normal. I am sure there are many other African American women who feels the same way. We may be one a few individuals amongst our friends that are opting to living healthier lifestyles and that could be somewhat discouraging when you are looking for help or advice. I believe that social networks have opened the door for many people, specifically African American women to have an outlet for sharing and encouraging each other. This helps make women less reluctant to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Ultimate cheat meal, no calories will be counted. What’s on the menu?

I would love a huge bowl of homemade chicken Alfredo with extra sauce. Pasta is my weakness and the sauce used to make Alfredo is typically high in calories. Most of the “healthy” Alfredo recipes are still really high in calories. With that said I would love to indulge in this meal if I were able to.

Any advice for women struggling to lose weight?

My advice would be to keep notes and track what you are eating and how certain foods impact your journey so that you can determine if you need to cutback on certain things or whether you should incorporate more of certain foods. Try to figure out what your trigger is. Sometimes I get discouraged if I am working really hard and the scale isn’t moving, therefore I try to stay of the scale and focus on the big picture. If you have an understanding of what pushes you away from reaching your goals you can zoom in on those things and try to change them. It is also important that you do not compare yourself and your journey to others. We all lose at different paces and we all have different things in our lives that make things easier and/or harder. This is not a race so therefore you shouldn’t be discouraged if you are not losing as much as you’d like or if you fall off track. As long as you never stop pursuing your goals you are not counting yourself out.

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