“A FOOT OF FAT: GONE!” How I Lost 12 inches of Belly Fat.

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I’m often asked, “How did you lose your stomach?” My answer is actually quite simple. So simple in fact, that when I answer I’m often given a blank stare or a “and what else?” look. I’m sorry to disappoint whoever is expecting the answer to come with a sprinkle of glitter and Beyoncé concert tickets, but I’ve done nothing special. The way I lost 12 inches of body fat is by simply respecting my food intake and finding more challenging ways to burn calories while exercising. 

Yup, that’s it. One of the biggest misconceptions of weight loss is that there are “secrets” to successfully doing so. This is how many people and companies in the weight loss industry have become millionaires, profiting off of our ignorance and laziness. I’m not knocking anybody’s hustle, but I now know better than to fall for the bullshit.

Eating properly is the most effective way to see your midsection shrink. By properly, I’m not saying there is a specific diet or plan that you must follow, you simply just need to make sure that your good outweighs your bad. Clean eating guarantees results. If you are not familiar with the concept of clean eating, it’s the practice of eating unprocessed foods, whether frozen or fresh. Eating more of what your body needs and less of what your mind craves. Being carefully selective about what I consume is not always fun, but it’s the only way I see a difference. 

The healthier you eat, the less calories you are consuming, therefore, you will have a more effective burn in the gym. Nooooo… This does NOT mean to just eat 2 apples and a cracker all day. You will pass the hell out. Fuel your body with full meals that will leave you satisfied without packing on the pounds. For example, a meal consisting of baked fish, broccoli and brown rice can average around 300 calories. This meal will keep you satisfied and give you the fuel you need while working out intensely. The science behind losing weight is to burn more calories than you are taking in, so if you are only taking in 1,000 calories for a full day of meals and snacks, and burn 1,100 calories in the same day, you WILL see results. If you are eating fried shit and washing it down with soda, potentially taking in 4,000 calories a day, and then going to the gym and burning 1,100 calories in the same day, you will NOT see results. By doing this, you are being counter-productive. It really is that simple.
You can do 5 million crunches a day, but if you aren’t eating properly then you will never see abs form. Not even one, lol.  Before you see abs, you have to shed subcutaneous fat (the fat you see). The abs are hidden underneath all of the ice cream and chips. 

You must also begin to incorporate weight training into your exercise routine. The more you lift, the more you burn. Lifting weights causes you to have a longer burn, even after you stop working out. I have found that a combination of high intensity cardio and weight lifting will give you amazing results.
That’s it. Sorry folks, shows over, nothing else to see here! I know that the only thing standing between me and a six-pack is my consistency, dedication and less of an overindulgence of cheat meals. You don’t need to purchase a damn thing other than fresh foods and hand weights. Everything else relies on you!
Mell B

Instagram: Mellbfit

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    short simple truth! I love it!

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    Awesome and wonderful weight loss and thanks so much for sharing.

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