“FIGHTING THE FLUFF AWAY” Spotlight on Cindy.

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Dedication. Consistency. Hard work. Self-Doubt. Progression. Setbacks. Loss. Gain. Happiness. A weight loss journey can be a complete roller coaster, but the key is to stay strapped in and enjoy the ride. Cindy is an amazing woman who has been on this ride non-stop, and as a result has lost an astonishing amount of weight. I had the pleasure of speaking with Cindy about her journey, let’s see what she shared:

Congratulations on your weight loss success, you look great! What prompted you to get started?

What prompted me to get started , one day I had to go into a dressing room to try on a outfit for my sons birthday party and I no longer fit in my size 20 pants! To make that day worse, my hubby was going through videos to see if we had extra space on our films and I saw myself! Not sure why that was different when you look in the mirror daily but I was in shock to see my oversized body!
Prior to your weight loss, were you ever under the impression that losing weight was impossible?

No, I knew that losing weight was possible I was just afraid of the hardwork.
Has using your social media platform to share your journey helped you stay consistent?

Yes indeed, using my social media has helped me stay accountable by sharing my goals or challenges with my IG family, and it has helped me stay focused. You gain respect and don’t want to let others down!

How often do you workout? What exercises have you found to be most effective?

I workout 5-6 days a week ! The exercises I have found most effective for myself is weight training ( bodybuilding) & strength training, plus cardio HIIT.
Do you feel that society is too comforting of obesity?

Yes, I feel that it a issue that needs to be addressed more often since it is affecting our youth now! Educating our children and incorporating exercise is the responsibility of the parents, however society can help send this message through more positive ways through broadcasts and advertising.
As a mother, do you find it difficult to instill the importance of health and nutrition into your children’s daily routine?
No, it’s not difficult. I teach my children about healthy living and I lead by example! They don’t always eat well, however they are fully aware of what they put into their bodies, because I make sure they know that there are always better choices! I don’t force them but I hope that by me educating them they will make wiser decisions when it comes to foods!
What has been the most rewarding part of your journey thus far?
The most rewarding part for me is being active, being able to run and play with my children! For a long time my couch was my refuge; now my gym , mountains and classes bring me joy to be able to move, lift and exercise is a privilege that I will never take for granted.

Any advice for those struggling to get started?

My advice for those that are struggling is to know that you can lose the weight , yes it may be hard and difficult, it’s all a learning experience! Through trial and error you become stronger . Mentally & physically you change for the better ! Ask many questions , researcher & read many articles but don’t stop if it becomes hard just keep going , because even the greatest athlete starts form the beginning! Baby steps lead to bigger ones and small choices lead to greater ones ! Just don’t give up and don’t wait to start living ! Now is the time.
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