30 Days, 30 Workouts! Everything You Need To Know.

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Hello!! If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you’re joining my “30 Days, 30 Workouts” challenge!

I know that you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Damn, 30 days straight of working out? Is she crazy!” I am crazy! But not that crazy. This is a complete breakdown of how to conquer this challenge, and answer whatever questions that you may have.

Lets answer the questions first:

Q: When does 30 Days, 30 Workouts start?

A: From the time you start until the time you finish! Totally up to you. Do it solo or with a group of your homies!

Q: Does this mean there are no rest days allowed?

A: Of course there will be rest days! Rest days are important for muscle healing and completely necessary. But they will be considered ACTIVE rest days. Active rest days consist of less strenuous forms of physical activity. Examples: walking more than driving, parking further, dancing with your friends, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.

Q: Is this free?
A: Of course! The only thing you will need to pay is attention to your workout for the day.

Q: Is there a prize involved?
A: Yes there is! The prize is worth more than you can fathom. You will win:

1.) An easier time adapting to a long-term active lifestyle.
2.) Less gut and more butt.
3.) More self-confidence.
4.) A network of women who will help keep you motivated.
5.) Annnnnnndddd… A surprise for those that complete the challenge for the entire 30 days.

Each day, I will post an exercise of the day, explaining the benefits, muscles involved, and proper way of doing it on my blog. Make sure that you are subscribed to receive this information!
I will also post a workout song of the day, to help keep you motivated and give you playlist suggestions.
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Please use hashtags: #fluffyaintforme and #fluffy30 if you are participating on Instagram.

“30 Days, 30 Workouts” really helps to set the tone for consistency with an active lifestyle. If you can stick this out for 30 days, you can stick it out for 90 more. And that’s what this is all about. Allowing exercise to become routine and permanent in your lifestyle. You said you are tired of being fluffy, right? Well, prove it! Prove it to the person that matters the most: YOURSELF.

Lets get it!!!

Mell B
Instagram: Mellbfit

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